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What is A-REF?

The Athol-Royalston Education Foundation is a non-profit organization comprised of concerned citizenry working to improve our local public schools.


Basically, there are two ways A-REF seeks to make positive change.First, we raise money that is distributed in “mini-grants” to local teachers and community members who want to tackle creative projects beyond the capacity of the school budget. In the dozen years since the group formed, A-REF has funded many exciting enrichment programs at all levels of education from pre-school to high school. Learn about our past grants, and how to apply for a grant.

    Second, A-REF seeks to raise friends for the schools. A primary goal is to advocate for community participation in the Athol-Royalston Regional School District. A-REF funded projects typically have a component in which local groups or individuals collaborate with schools. Members of the Athol Senior Center, Athol Historical Society, Athol Bird and Nature Club as well as guest authors, business people, artists, chaperones and role models from the community are often brought into the schools through A-REF grants.

So, where do we get the money for all of this? Fundraising of course.

We raise money through members’ generous annual contributions. Click here to join us!

We hold several rather “gala” fundraising events each year as well. 

Click here to watch a brief slide show of some past aref grants and events:

Click here to watch a short video by Liz Carr showing the work of AREF:

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